Please refer to the packing and shipping guidelines outlined here

For most analyses, the standard turnaround time (TAT) is 10 business days from when the laboratory receives your sample. If your sample is received past 10:30am, day 1 will begin the following business day.

The following exceptions apply:
Microbiological Analyses: 5 business days
Nutritional Labeling (Chemical Analysis): 15 business days
Nutritional Labeling (Database Calculation): 5 business days


For microbiological analyses, we require the submission of 1 retail unit. If the retail unit is less than 4 ounces, we require the submission of multiple retail units combining to 4 ounces or more. If the food product is in bulk, we require the submission of at least 8 ounces to ensure we receive a representative sample.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is the amount of time before a food product becomes unfit for consumption. While not mandatory in the US, most retailers require such testing from their vendors in order to obtain a valid expiration date.

Unfortunately, Anresco does not perform shelf life studies under accelerated conditions. If a product has an expected viability of 6 months, the shelf life study must continue for the entire 6 months. Conducting a real time stability study under normal storage conditions is much more accurate than accelerated studies due to the fact that there are a number of environmental, chemical, and physical factors that can affect food stability and that can be difficult to predict.

Shelf life studies require the submission of 1 retail unit per testing interval or period. Additional samples are recommended to be submitted so that the study can be extended if desired.

Nutritional Labeling

Most likely, yes. Almost all food products sold commercially require a nutrient label. However, exemptions exist for the following:

  • Raw fruits, vegetables, and fish.
  • Food items containing insignificant amounts of all required nutrients.
  • Retailers with annual gross sales of $500,000 or less


  • Retailers with annual gross sales of foods or dietary supplements to consumers of $50,000 or less.

(Note: “Retailer” refers to any entity down the supply chain. So if you intend to sell to a major grocery chain, you will be required to obtain a nutrient label.)

Other exemptions may apply. Read more about nutrition labeling exemptions here .

If any nutrient content claim (e.g. low fat, sugar free) is labeled or advertised, the FDA mandates a nutrient label to be produced for that product and the small business exemption does not apply.

The turnaround time on nutritional labeling is 15 business days if performed via chemical analysis, and 5 business days if performed via database calculation. Faster service may be available for an additional surcharge.

It depends. Although our database contains nutrient information on thousands of different food products and ingredients, many exotic or more complex ingredients may not have such information available. In addition, products that have undergone intensive manufacturing processes (such as frying, dehydration, fermentation, etc.) may not be eligible for a database calculation.

Anresco requires the following:

  • The recipe of your product
  • The final retail package size
  • A picture of the Nutrition Facts Label for any ingredients that are purchased prepackaged

    Certainly. All Anresco employees are obligated under company policy to maintain client confidentiality. Upon request, Anresco can additionally provide you with a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement for extra assurance.